Earning TRX coins is easy and safe, register with the Tronium system and receive up to 200% to your personal TRX account.



Sign up to the Tronium system simply by entering your personal TRX account number and start multiplying your coins.


Send us some of your TRX coins and we will refund you 2x! Invite your friends to the system and get bonuses.


We will send you daily 10% of the deposit for 20 days. Affiliate program 30%.


We do not interfere with the working processes of the system. All operations are carried out automatically.


How TRONIUM2 works

Tronium allows the TRX wallet owner to easily and conveniently manage their investments in one place.

We have hosted node servers that process TRX transactions. The coins earned are returned as return on investment.

  • Encrypted secure service
  • High coin yield
  • No hidden fees
  • Automatic daily payments
  • Simple and convenient registration in the system
  • The best conditions in the cryptocurrency market

Latest transactions

Date Amount Address Operation
10/10/2021 6:39:05 AM 120.15030100 TRX TW19oCvEbSjWeZP...GyGwzQFX9 Deposit
07/25/2021 8:52:32 PM 102.84876700 TRX TYCf8U5DiETE8fB...sUwW7v9R3 Deposit
07/07/2021 7:34:49 PM 100.00000000 TRX TLBoWfRHmeh3RS6...zZuFRZmNM Deposit
06/10/2021 3:08:33 AM 108.38318800 TRX TDCDPcSekXiuMpH...gb8frvUkq Deposit
04/10/2021 7:59:33 AM 200.00000000 TRX TAA4BbuwFE5a8EQ...P5eufAGJf Deposit
04/02/2021 10:33:32 PM 500.00000000 TRX TKsqEBZjrK352cS...rewfC33G5 Deposit
03/05/2021 10:37:51 AM 150.00000000 TRX TFD8B7pUYkcnkuf...QTPjgKNs9 Deposit
03/04/2021 9:25:47 PM 250.00000000 TRX TKN9vcgp2meqSMo...aPUVExUAb Deposit
03/04/2021 12:00:31 PM 300.00000000 TRX TUoLuZnu74XEb52...nvSEJSg43 Deposit
03/03/2021 8:13:25 PM 152.44067400 TRX TGqsLmPjfUqEatT...TCYu3ZtLB Deposit
03/03/2021 5:21:35 AM 800.00000000 TRX THsUwdo7dzm5bdT...iVgp9wWYX Deposit
03/03/2021 5:02:35 AM 100.00000000 TRX TJRadGrWsQw9h2w...MU76BPGWZ Deposit
03/03/2021 4:30:31 AM 1100.00000000 TRX TEtJoiSN5tXqwRa...a1dNUtkut Deposit
03/03/2021 4:13:39 AM 100.00000000 TRX TKtEuonTaYYpCQT...Fi6QRnvQP Deposit
03/03/2021 3:40:54 AM 1000.00000000 TRX TAs8jLHqEAUvzif...c5WiA6KtF Deposit
03/03/2021 3:40:54 AM 100.00000000 TRX TB2yLeE1JF9vQ9q...W16fhnmQk Deposit
03/02/2021 11:11:39 PM 100.00000000 TRX TAbxYjfnDu4UXcf...pBockzvj2 Deposit
03/02/2021 1:04:35 PM 10.00000000 TRX TBzoix4DgJGKcd6...xhjjZ9WXh Pay
03/02/2021 12:58:48 PM 100.20000000 TRX TM5msxs9is5Hstj...e8KhNhtSa Pay
03/02/2021 12:58:48 PM 30.00000000 TRX TC4p9Bx1cZv5zPG...4rsqpRwKK Pay

Total users: 6293  Invested: 397463.98294700  Paid out: 645176.55736637  We work days: 319

Answers on questions

How do I get started?

Sign up with your wallet address and start earning TRX.

I don`t have a TRX wallet. How can I create it?

You can create a TRX wallet using online services such

I don`t have TRX. Where can I get TRX?

You can buy and sell TRX on exchanges such as,,,,,,,,, You can also use the exchange services:,,,

How do I change my TRX wallet address?

TRX wallet cannot be changed.

How much can I earn with the affiliate program?

You will earn 30% every time your referral makes a deposit.

How long does it take to withdraw money?

Withdrawal requests are usually processed instantly and automatically, in rare cases withdrawals can be processed manually and take longer.

How long does it take for the deposit to appear in the office?

The system works in automatic mode, the deposit will appear in the office as soon as the network provides the required number of confirmations.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is 100 TRX coins. There are no restrictions on the maximum amount.

I have sent less than 100 TRX, what should I do?

Be careful when sending coins. If you send fewer coins, you won`t get them back.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Yes, you can add multiple wallets to the system, but they do not have to register using your referral link from another wallet. In case of violation of this prohibition, your wallet will be banned without a refund of the deposit / funds.

I have not found an answer to my question. How can I contact you?

You can contact us through our contacts.